Monday, March 13, 2006

Wise Sayings of 6-Year-Old Kellin

I think I told you that Andrea will be gone this weekend. Apparently, Mom bought the kids and me some food at the grocery store today for the weekend - She wants to make it easy for poor, helpless Dad. So on the way home Kellin told me enthusiastically, "Dad! This Saturday, Andrik and I get to have Kid's Disease!" (translation: Kid's Cusine)

Some other funny things Kellin has said or done:
  • A young couple came in to see Pastor Crosby after hours while Kellin was in my office. I checked his office for them and explained that he had gone home for the day. On their way out, Kellin chased them down and told them that they could come back tomorrow.
  • While driving past the airport: "Look Dad, a cemetery Helicopter!" (translation: military)
  • While alone in the care with Mom: "Where are you taking me, you crazy woman?"
Thank you, Kellin, for a little comic relief.