Saturday, March 11, 2006

Promise Keepers

Please pray for me and those involved in an upcoming Promise Keepers Conference. I've been leading a worship team of guys from various churches around Helena. We've been preparing for a PK conference put on by the local PK chapter here in Helena, Last Chance Men of Integrity.

Anyway, we've been rehearsing for four weeks and it's been a struggle getting everyone together at one time. It's also been a challenge to get everyone on the same page musically. We have one more rehearsal next Friday and then the conference is all day next Saturday.

If you will, please pray that I will find someone to watch the kids. This will be the same weekend as Hannaford's Women's Retreat. So, not only will Andrea be gone, many of the other women in the church will be gone as well. I'm probably going to have to find another dad whose alone watching his kids, too.

Like I said, please pray for me, the other guys on the PK team, and you really need to pray for the poor guy I find to watch Andrik and Kellin :-)