Sunday, December 17, 2006

Final Entry for 2006?

We're capping off the blogging year with some new photos in the e|Photo Gallery.
  • First off, we've got a new featured photo (see right). It's a photo of the house exterior decorated for Christmas time.
  • We've got photos of the Children's Christmas Musical at church today. Both Andrik and Kellin were involved. Kellin had small solo and Andrik played a non-speaking role as Joseph.
  • There is also a collection of photos from September to December called Winter Potpourri 2006. These include Andrik's birthday, Halloween, and the kid's school Christmas programs. There are also a couple movies.
  • Finally, we will soon have part two of Andrea's trip to Minnesota (If it doesn't come up, check back again later). There are quite a few photos and they were all taken with the digital camera.
BTW, this may be our last real post before vacation and we don't plan on posting until we get back. Have a meaningful Christmas and a hopeful New Year!

Merry "Yul"

Here's one million bucks to you, Yul. Congratulation!
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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Not My Job!

Do you have "ownership" issues in your workplace or church. This is what happens when we don't "buy in" to the vision...

Piraka! The Video

I've already posted here and here about Andrik's Piraka song. We worked together to make a video to his song using clips from Lego's It's on YouTube and also right here.

Christmas Vacation, Literally

At this point, what I am really looking forward to is our Christmas vacation. You know when it starts? You guessed it - Christmas Day.

We are leaving Christmas morning for California. We plan on being in SoCal for six days, then driving up to see a friend in Sacramento (that's you, Len). Finally, we are going over to visit with some more friends in Reno, NV (that's you, Bill).

We are looking forward to seeing family & friends, eating great food (El Torito, Vince's, and Chilis - here we come!), and getting in some good shopping.

Please pray for safe driving and a time of refreshment for us.

Wake Up And Smell Christmas!

I know, I know. It's been about two weeks. Where have I been? Just busy with work and stuff.
  • We're singing Christmas Carols each Sunday through December and I've taken the initiative to re-notate all our Christmas Band Charts. I found some great new arrangements last year, but they were very busy to look at - hard to follow in a worship service environment.
  • We've also been lighting the candles in the Advent Wreath each Sunday. It's been quite a blessing to have different families or couples contribute.
  • I've been meeting and rehearsing with several musicians to prepare for some featured music.
  • Pastor John and I drive up to Great Falls on Wednesday to pick up some stage lights and also tour three different churches there. We're looking how local churches have installed stage lighting and auditorium sound.
  • Andrik's Middle School Choir had their Christmas performance a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, Kellin got lost in the auditorium and we all had a little scare. We found him, though. (Photos should be coming soon.)
  • Kellin also had his Christmas Program. I really enjoied the first grader songs. (Photos also coming soon.)
  • Tomorrow is the Children's Christmas Musical at Hannaford. Kellin has a small solo and has been doing great in practice. Andrik will be Joseph in the Youth Group's Little Drummer Boy drama skit.
  • This coming week before Christmas, I need to plan for 6 worship services. But really only three different Orders of Worship.
Well, Christmas is here!

A Big Deal?

I have to agree with Dan Kimball, when he says that most of the concerns with the Emerging Church are hyper-exaggerated. I think that there are two main reasons for this. First, the range of beliefs from one church to another can vary greatly. Second, those that criticize the Emerging Church have never set one foot inside one. People have no first-hand experience with what they are criticizing.

Most importantly, we MUST stay away for stereotyping the Emerging Church and lumping together churches with that label. This thought is the point of a rather long article from Dan Kimball, emerging church Pastor of Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, Calif.

He is concerned with a growing number of comments made by an well-known, respected, and influential Christian leader and pastor about the Emerging Church - This leader will soon be releasing a book on the subject. Anyway, Kimball has a passionate response in his blog article here.

I have a feeling this will be a big deal when the book comes out. Don't be deceived.

Don't Want To Be The "Church" Anymore...

There is an important article I came across about a month ago. It is an excerpt from Sarah Raymond Cunningham’s book Dear Church: Letters from a Disillusioned Generation. While I do not know this author or her book, the article is captivating. It decribes the struggles I have with the church. I passionately want to be (and I am) part of The Church (the Body of Christ), but in many ways the local church scares me. I don't feel it even comes close to to what Jesus would have.

In her article, Cunningham describes her struggle as a Christian in today's "church." She does a good job explaining what many of us are feeling. What do you think? Let me know in the comments...

Here is the link.