Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Spring in Montana

Along with a new featured photo, Springtime is finally here in Montana - the weather is weird compared to what we're used to in California. Usually in California, it's a rainy day for most of the day. The weather is a bit unpredictable here. You can wake up at 7am to a bright and sunny clear sky and two hours later it can be raining heavily. In contrast, it can be quite gloomy and then turn into a beautiful day. It can actually change back and forth a number of times.

The other thing about Spring in Montana is that things actually start growing again. We haven't watered our yard since we moved in and it looked pretty dead. It apparently goes dormant though the Winter. Since we started watering, the grass is growing like crazy - and we have a huge yard. If we could only get a ride-on mower. Anyway, we've spent three weekends trying to mow it. Well, enough about Spring...

On May 13-14, Andrea went to Women of Faith in Billings. The local radio station was giving away tickets and one of the ladies in the church won and invited Andrea. It was pretty cool because she wanted to go, but we didn't feel we had enough money set aside.

Andrea is also playing softball on our quasi-church girls team (which is sponsored by Dairy Queen). I hope to get some photos of them in action soon. So far, they're undefeated at 4-0 this season!

Andrik is almost out of school for the Summer. This will be his first experience having a Summer vacation because the district was year-around in Rialto. I don't think Andrik is going to know what to do with himself after three months out of school!

I've also started working on revising the website for Hannaford. It's going to be a major overhaul
And, oh yes, I almost forgot. I'm going fishing in Alaska the first week of June. I've really not done a lot of fishing, but I think it will be a pretty cool experience. Someone in our church has offered to pay most of my way. I'm quite grateful.

Okay, I'm signing off for now...