Saturday, August 28, 2004

Getting Settled Temporarily

We're now a little bit settled in the rental. We've got our clothes out of Andrea's van. We've also had the opportunity to change our cell phone numbers. I'm a little anxious about finishing up this block of classes. I'm about a week behind on assignments and papers and unable to complete them until we unload our stuff into storage on Sunday.

Looking for Homes in Helena

We looked at homes yesterday and today. Wow. It's difficult to decide and to weigh all the different options. Please pray that God would give us guidance in choosing the right home.

It also turns out that we've been getting quite a few calls on our home in California. Unfortunately, there seems to have been a mix up on the pricing and our flexibility. Please also pray that the home would sell a a good price to allow us to buy up here in Montana without a lot of hardship.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Made it to Helena Safely

We and the truck made it to Helena safely. I guess the decision is final now :-) It took longer than it probably should have, but with two kids and two cars, we still made good time. Driving separately from the guys in the truck, you might suppose they got to Helena about 6 hours earlier.

Unfortunately, we got into Helena so late we had to spend an unexpected night in a hotel here instead of going directly to the rental home. Tomorrow we get to got to the rental as well as find somewhere to store all of our junk from California (the rental is fully furnished). As I've said above, please pray that our house would sell soon. Either way, we know that God has some fantastic plans for us. (In the mean time, I NEED to get this paper done as soon as I get settled.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Before the Move...

The load up day for the truck has been changed to Sunday afternoon after worship and the farewell event at FBC. For now, we have about 85%-90% packed up. Everything else has gone along nicely, except I have not had an opportunity to work on my paper. We have also not had any offers on the home. Please continue to pray.
Whew! This last week was quite eventful. I was quite busy, still juggling a full-time graphics job, with freelance work, school, and the position at FBC. Friday was my last day at the full-time position so now I can focus this last week on getting packed and wrapping up. At the same time, we had several new developments and events this week:
  • Pastor Dick called from Hannaford and suggested the idea of sending a truck down from Helena to load us up and drive back. Two men from the church will come down, but would plan on arriving and loading up Saturday, August 21. That works great, but we still need to stay for worship and the postluck at FBC on Sunday. Andrea and I can then drive our own cars.
  • Our agent in Helena, Deb, found a fully-furnished, short-term rental in Helena. We now have a destination. Actually, the home belongs to someone at Hannaford. Praise God!
  • We also had a yard sale on Saturday, August 15 and made a decent amount. We've been stretched pretty far on finances lately so it will really help out. Please pray for us that we can afford all the transitional costs such as stopping and starting utilities.
The moving date is getting closer and everything seems to be coming fast now. I just pray we can keep up and keep on schedule. This week I have some FBC meetings to take care of, a Wednesday rehearsal, a family lunch with my Mom, a term paper (#4) and other school assignments to complete, a freelance gig all day Friday, AND we have to get everything in our house packed by Saturday! Like I said...Whew!
We had our first "open house" today, but not much traffic though. Fortunately, we do have a couple of possibilities. One broker said that their client wanted to view the house again, and a family that visited the open house said that they would contact their agent to make an offer. We'll see as the week progresses. Meanwhile, I am struggling working on my third major assignment for the "Reaching Your World" block of my master's program. It's due tomorrow and I'm having difficulty. Please also pray for me because I have two more major papers due in the next three weeks.
PD mentioned that U-Haul is not renting trucks for interstate travel until September 8. Something about not having enough trucks in California. At this point, we really would need to start making some reservations for trucks, so we're thinking Ryder, Penske, National, Budget, etc.
We made an offer on the house we liked in Montana, today. We might have offered more than we can comfortably afford. We were countered much higher and cannot pursue this home. This turn of events gives us clearer direction on how to plan a move. We're still trusting in God.