Thursday, March 24, 2005

Prepping for Easter...

We've got some new photos in the photo gallery. Be sure to check them out - kind of cool are the photos of the new foyer. It's really nice and more than just a hallway. Also check out some of the photos of worship in January. These are during our second service. Things have gotten so packed, we've been running a video and audio feed to our fellowship room so people can sit in there, too.

Anyway, things are pretty hectic this week in bringing everything together for Easter: An Easter worship choir, two DVD features, a creative reading, the praise team music, decoration, and more. I can see already (on Wednesday) that I've got my work cut out for me. Andrea's working hard, too. We've decorated the sanctuary with symbols of new life - our theme for Easter is Alive Again! A Celebration of New Life. Instead of gloom and sadness of the death on the cross (very much an important element of the Gospel), we want to focus on the rest of the story, the resurrection, and what it means for those who embrace Jesus.

Still, it seems pretty exciting. On Friday, we're having a worship ministry gathering at our house to celebrate Good Friday. We're going to view The Passion or the Christ followed by the breaking of bread and then some reflective worship. On Easter, we're prepared for a larger group than usual, especially since we sent out an Easter invitation of over 10,000 post cards to the growing areas of Helena. A 0.5% response would mean 50 people!

Last week, it was beginning to get warm for around here (in the high 60's). Tonight, however, a new storm blew in - pretty heavy and icy in town and at the church. It will probably linger through Easter. It's not so bad at home since we're situated differently in the valley.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Welcome to our new e|Something blog!

Thank you so much (all of you) who have been visiting our e|Something blog!

We're hoping that this will be a more convenient way for us to leave updates and a better way for you to provide comments, feedback, questions, and other interactions. We'll still be posting photo galleries and such on the e|Photos page, but list the links of new photos here.

It'll also give you an easier way to figure out if there is anything new - you can "subscribe" via an RSS feed or by email (see the e|Social icons in the right sidebar).

Well, that it for starters. Be sure to tell us what you think, and come back soon!