Friday, March 17, 2006

8 Below - Finding Spiritual Themes in Movies

Last weekend we ventured out to the new Cineplex. They can show up eight movies at same time - yes I know, most of you are not impressed. But here in the Powell clan,we love having an up-to-date theater with a whole eight movies to choose from. Plus (sit down for this), it only costs about $20 to get the whole family in at non-matinee price.

Well, we all agreed to see the new Disney film 8 Below. You know me, I would just as well have seen some new sci-fi flick. But alas, Disney it was. It was great - with lots of action, visual, and a great story. It really delivers.

I've also fallen into evaluating even the worst of films, trying to see if there are any spiritual themes I can pick out:
  • After having to left the sled dogs exposed to the subzero Antarctica winter, the main character spends a good portion of the film trying to get someone to fly him back down to save the dogs. Unfortunately, he encounters many "closed doors". Only his perseverance seems to be a strong theme in this film.
  • A larger theme that I see, really arises out of his desire to save the dogs. Even after the likelihood of any of the dogs surviving, the main character realizes that he must have closure. It is an internal drive - what I compare to a God-given purpose.
Does he save them? Does he get back to Antarctica? Will someone help him? Will any of the dogs survive? I guess you'll just have to go see the film.