Sunday, March 25, 2007

Quotable Quips - Stupid Duck!

"We need to focus on what matters. People's problems are not their behavior - people's problems are that they don't know Jesus. Boycotting Disney as an example. That's stupid. Disney isn't a Christian organization. We can't expect a organization that isn't a Christian organization to act like a Christian organization. That's like getting mad at a duck because it acts like a duck. 'All you do is quack. Stupid duck!'"

Perry Noble from the Unleash Conference at New Spring Church in Anderson, North Carolina. As quoted by Tony Morgan from his blog. (March 18, 2007)

This is a great quote. I have talked about the "duck" repeatedly since I first read this. We have got to stop blaming the dark for being the dark. If we want to blame someone, we should be blaming ourselves. We are called to be salt & light to the world!

It is not society's or culture's fault that we sin. Although we can be influenced, we MUST be responsible for our own actions. Getting mad at and complaining about the world is like yelling at the duck! - "Stupid duck, all you do is quack!"