Monday, March 19, 2007

Easter Finalized: The Greatest Day!

Our theme for Easter and Good Friday is finalized and posted here on the Hannaford website.
The Greatest Day: Through our greatest day, we are changed forever. What is your greatest day? All our greatest days are possible because of THE Greatest Day; the day that Jesus rose from the dead and demonstrated His power over sin and death. And because of this, EVERY day can now be our greatest. Come gather at Hannaford for worship and celebration to experience the God's love through the resurrection truth that we are forever changed.
  • With our John 3:16 as our anchor scripture, we will be focusing on the idea that we are changed forever because of Christ. Some music will include Tim Hughes' Happy Day (The Greatest Day in History) and Tim Timmon's Resurrection Life. We also have featured song we've been working on with piano and cello, Harvest's Where Would I Be?
  • We have plans for a "Man on the Street" video featuring interviews with random people around Helena. We'll be asking them "What was your greatest day?", "What was the greatest day in history?", and "Why?"
  • We are also working on a skit of someone making video of themselves on "MyTube" discussing how they wish everyday could be Easter (inspired by this video).
  • Finally, we're planning to have a 6-foot rugged cross up in the entryway of the Worship Center. It will have a crown of thorns on it and on Easter morning we'll add a purple fabric. Somehow we're trying to integrate the message "Can we pass the cross without being changed forever?"
Experience The Cross: God gave his one and only son so that we need not perish. This is something not only done for us, it is something done in in us as well. Come join us as we explore the deep meaning of God's sacrifice of love and "Experience the Cross" through reflective worship, prayer stations of Jesus' passion and a special time of communion.
  • The youth will be facilitating a prayer station service (multisensory worship) again on Good Friday, like last year.
  • The youth are working on and will be leading the music as well.
  • We're planning to theme the stations around John 3:16 to tie in with Easter morning. For instance, the first station will address God's love , "For God so loved the world..."
Well, I'm pretty excited about Easter. I wish I could get our sermon to go along with our theme as well, but it's not likely. That kind of integration and single-mindedness is something I've been praying for a long time. Either way, it should be a great focus on The Greatest Day!