Sunday, March 25, 2007

2007 Jesus Conference Highlights, Part 1

As I mentioned, I was the worship team leader for the 2007 Jesus Conference, put on by the local Promise Keepers chapter Last Chance Men of Integrity (LMCI). This was my second year and it was even better then the first. In addition to breakfast, lunch, and worship, we had three great speakers: Hobe Rash, Jim Pagels, and Jim Stumbo - each are pastors living here in Montana. Here are some of the highlights...

Jim Pagels spoke in the afternoon session on "Bondage Breaking." I was quite surprised at Pagels' background. He now pastors at First Assembly of God here in Helena, but has worked as a dairy farm hand, a nuclear material installer for military vehicles, and as a corrections officer. It was with the latter that Pagels spent much time working with men in prison for a variety of sexual offenses. While widely applicable, his presentation was specifically useful for battling bondage areas of men's lives - including lust, anger, and pride.

Jim Stumbo, Pastor of Helena Alliance Church, spoke in the second afternoon session. His presentation "Is Your Wife Married to Jesus?" was great! It was man focused and down to earth. Stumbo took the time to speak about marriage issues (loving your wife like Jesus loves the church) in a way that make "manly Montana men" feel comfortable.

I wanted to share most about the morning session with Hobe Rash. Rash spoke on "Seeing The Vision" focusing primarily on the life of Joshua. He had some great insights on pursuing God purpose for your life. I'll share from my notes in the next few posts. For now ... take a look at some more photos of the event in our e|Photos gallery here.