Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NWLC Update: Days 2 & 3

Wow! There is so much to take in. Days 2 and 3 of the National Worship Leader Conference were full days - and I mean full! 2 workshops and three general sessions per day. Plus it's around 102 degrees and 100 percent humidity (not really, but it feels like it).

Day 2 - Tuesday, July 22, 2008
I already posted my notes for the morning session with Leonard Sweet, but here's a quick synopsis. Our morning workshop was Summoned to Lead (also with Sweet). Fantastic, thought-provoking stuff. I'll post my notes when I can.

We also attended David M. Edwards' workshop on Assessing Your Worship Service. Edwards is a worship leader and songwriter for artists such as Kathy Tricolli and Nichole Mullins.

Then we had the afternoon general session with worship by Rush of Fools (Undo, When Our Hearts Sing) and Marcos Witt speaking - they were great. Marcos Witt is a pastor and an ADHD musician, so he is always fun to listen to.

Finally, the evening session was just worship. First was Matt Maher (Your Grace is Enough) - pictured to right. I've never seen him lead worship and he was awesome! Then Leeland (Yes You Have, Beautiful Lord) shared some more worship - they were just as phenomenal as when we saw them at Harvest in Riverside, California. The night ended with Phillips, Craig, & Dean. Of course, those guys are great performers.

Day 3 - Wednesday, July 23, 2008
This morning's general session started with worship by Calvin Nowell, Drew Cline, & Nia Allen. I didn't recognize these folks, but I did recognize all their songs. They added a soulful flare to the worship, but we're really outstanding. I've also never heard Bishop Joseph Garlington speak. As a senior pastor type who is also a worship leader type, his message was extremely unique to me. He delivered his entire message with a backup band who basically played a "soundtrack" to his narrative story of Mary. Wow! Amazing!

The afternoon session featured Rita Springer for worship. Andrea and I have seen her before at Vineyard Anaheim. Springer is a talented and anointed leader, but definitely not our cup of tea. We were also very tired from the heat so that may have played into it as well. Gordon MacDonald spoke, stressing the importance of the people to whom we minister.

Our afternoon workshop was Teaching Narrative to Postmoderns by Frank Couch. Couch is certainly a qualified leader for this subject, but the workshop was not what we expected or were hoping. It was mostly about a new narrative translation of the scriptures he's been working on.

Finally, the evening worship was some of the most impactful worship I've ever experienced. Don Moen (God Will Make A Way, Thank You) was, well, Don Moen - a very gifted, talented, leader who relates well with his audience. Kathryn Scott (Hungry) flew in from Ireland (and was backed up by Paul Baloche on guitar, his son on bass, and Carl Albrect on drums). Then the group from Gateway Worship (You You Are God, Revelation Song) led some songs and it was fantastic. Chris Tomlin came in un-announced and just sang "How Great is Our God" which led the way for Lincoln Brewster (Love The Lord, Everlasting God). Man, that guy can play guitar!

This night was one of the most amazing worship I've experienced. Now, I'm tired. I gotta get to bed. Miss you all...