Monday, July 21, 2008

NWLC Update: Day 1

Hey guys! We hope everyone is doing well in Helena. We made it to Austin safely on Sunday evening and got a chance to scope out the local surroundings before the first National Worship Leader Conference General Session this evening.

We already posted this photo from the airport. It was so cool - there was a giant welcome banner for worship leaders coming to Austin for the conference AT THE AIRPORT!

Here's a couple of other observations we made:
  1. We haven't seen one person in Austin wearing a cowboy hat. I thought this was Texas!
  2. Everyone here speaks normally. I haven't heard any Southern accents (except from visitors to Austin). Go figure
  3. Austin seems to have a crazy road system. When the car rental place at the airport asked us if we wanted a car with GPS, I thought "we don't need any frills." But the road system is seriously confusing. It seems like all the major streets run parallel and right next to the freeways - and none of them have street signs! I can never figure out what street we're on.
Anyway, we went to the kick-off tonight at Riverbend Church here in Austin.

I can really say that some people are anointed to lead other before the throne of God - Matt Redman and Paul Baloche were outstanding. Early tomorrow we start our first full day with 3 General Session and 2 Workshops.

Well, that's it for now. Miss you guys, but having fun.