Thursday, July 17, 2008

How Metrosexual Is Your Worship Leader?

Okay, I read this over on Stuff Christians Like. Man, I could read that blog for hours - he cracks me up.

Back to topic. Prodigal Jon says "when you tell someone about your church, there's not a standard system to describe the degree of metrosexuality your worship leader possesses. Wouldn't it be awesome to say, 'You'll love my church and the music. Our worship leader scored a 78 on the SCL Metro Test.'"

I know that you know where this is going. He's posted the test. Go there now and rate your Worship Leader ... and then let me know his/her score in the comments. (It's okay to rate me - I think I scored about a 20 when I rated myself.)

Also, if you don't know what metrosexual is, you can look it up here.