Monday, July 09, 2007

Who He Is!

“The Spirit of God has made [us]; the breath of the Almighty gives [us] life.” (Job 33:4)

While I've always tended to look at the Psalms for great "worship" passages, I have recently been turning to Job. As things got worse for Job, he began to discover what it really means to worship God. Eventually, Job was able to get past that main thing we worship God for (what He does) and worship on the foundational reason we worship God (who He is).

Too often, we get stuck on the first - and in a really shallow way. You know. "God made my life better so now I'll worship Him," or "Let me worship You and then You can bless me." We need to get over trying to earn favor with God and playing the "give and receive game." God ended that through the death (and resurrection) of Jesus.

Let's worship Him, simply because He is!