Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What's Missing? More On The Kingdom Of God

I found this over at Josh Scott's TheWayIThink.com.

I would say that most of the Christians I know think of the story of salvation like this: Fall, Redemption and Heaven. In this story, the purpose of redemption is life after this world and the only people who have any value are “saved” people. All efforts, resources, talent, time and money are spent solely for the purpose of evangelism. I think that’s why we’re called evangelicals.

But what if the story goes like this: Creation, Fall, Redemption and Heaven. It actually becomes a different story. The purpose of redemption becomes much more than just escaping this world. It actually becomes about renewing it.

The gospel then isn’t just about individual happiness and fulfillment and God’s wonderful plan for my life. It’s about His wonderful plan for the whole world. It’s a story of God’s kingdom renewing ALL things.

The kingdom of God has come near to you... What do you think?