Monday, July 23, 2007

Welcome To The BattleZONE!

You may have heard of some Christian men's movements like Promise Keepers or GodMen. I've been involved in the local Promise Keepers conferences and the GodMen conferences have been the subject of discussion and debate recently.

This last Friday and Saturday at Hannaford, we hosted the BattleZONE 2Day Men's Summit. Founded by Montana State University Football All-Star Michael Pouliot, BattleZone Ministries exists to coach every willing man to live victorious in Christ.

We formed a worship team for music. Michael and Dr. Dave Wardell (co-founder of Promise Keepers) were featured speakers, while athletes Jason Crebo (3-time All-American and Big Sky Conference Defensive MVP) and Byron Molyneaux both told how they came to trust Christ.

As we were meeting with Michael to go over last-minute details, he shared his vision for the conference. He said, "I don't do conferences. Conferences are a "flash in the pan." They last for a day or two, the guys go home, and there is no lasting effect." BattleZone is a tool to help men develop lasting discipleship and accountability networks.

I am convinced that BattleZone brings together the best elements of both Promise Keepers AND GodMen and allows men to bring a network of discipleship INTO the local church.

With all that said, I wanted to share a little of what I've taken away from the summit:
  • I do believe that men are hurting, and a majority of men don't connect with church.
  • Michael says that men (even Christian men) are not confronting their pain, but soothing it with repetitive sin (porn, alchohol, work, gambling, etc.). The reasons? Confusion over masculinity from a fuzzy and incorrect view of Jesus. From whom did you learn to be a man? What does it mean to be a man?
  • Every man struggles with these Battle Zones (see the website). What we need to do is identify and address them head-on.
  • Consequently, men are isolated. Isolation…leads to secrecy. Secrecy… leads to a sick character. Sick character…leads to sick conduct and SIN. Sick conduct and SIN…leads to broken relationships with God and people. (from Kenny Luck, Every Man’s Ministries)
  • Most guys see Christianity as Wimpianity, Perfectianity, Borianity, or Crutchianity.
  • Here's the truth about masculinity: Real men admit weakness (then do something about them). Being “macho” (pretending to be strong) has nothing to do with masculinity. Being macho is a symptom of being out of touch with our true self (feelings and motives), is one of our biggest weaknesses, and is a cover-up and denial of our insecurity. Genuine masculinity and true strength starts with being ruthlessly honest with our inner feelings and motives. One thing is certain, Jesus was always real. A true masculine is intimately on-line with God’s will. The key for the Masculinity of Jesus was His desire to endure the Cross in the place of each of us.
Needless to say, I wholly recommend BattleZone and encourage you to look into it.