Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hannaford Worship Center Update #6

Here's an update on our progress for the projects I've worked on this weekend.
  • Soldered and installed wall plates for the subwoofers. On the right side of the stage I had to actually cut a hole through the wall and then place wiring track to cover the wire on the other side of the wall (the hub area).
  • Installed brackets in the hub area to hold all the wires coming from the sound booth, ceiling, and floor pockets. This group of wires coming down from the ceiling is about 2" in diameter and is rather heavy. The brackets re-routed where the wires were coming down and helped dissipate the weight from the conduit sticking out of the wall.
  • Began to terminate (solder connectors) to the remaining wires coming onto the sound booth from the hub. Routed them to the appropriate equipment. This included labeling the wirings, grouping them, and connecting them to equipment like the sound boards, light board, computers, etc.
There are still a number of projects that need to get done this week.
  • Terminate the wires (solder connectors) in the hub. This includes about 48 connectors from the floor pockets.
  • Get someone to re-solder and/or re-connect 5 VGA connectors
  • Mount and adjust the projectors as well as run wire and wire tracks along ceiling from the ceiling plates to the projectors (about 15').
  • Mount and adjust the house speakers as well as run wire and tracks also (about 10'). Still waiting for the clamps to correctly hang the speakers from the trusses.
  • Get someone to program and finish wiring the light dimmers.
  • Install a few more fixtures on the track lighting.
  • Correctly wire all the equipment in the sound booth together (no small task). Still waiting on some of the video equipment to come UPS.
  • Connect all the intersecting cables in the hub together.
Well, that's about it I guess. We have another inspection about mid-day on Wednesday. If all goes well, we will be in the Worship Center by the Hannaford Fall Conference which starts Sunday. (Oh yeah, I have to plan worship for that, too!) After the conference, I'll really feel like I need a vacation!