Friday, August 15, 2008

This Messed Me Up!

I read this on Matt Tulios' blog and it messed me up. How about you?

"i have been given a truly amazing gift. placed in a time of lavish luxury, comfortable couches, and tremendous technology. i don't have to worry about what to feed my children or whether my children will have to beg. my family has three cars, two tvs, climate controls and i live in a region where don't really fear. my trials don't include lack of clean water, religious persecution, false imprisonment, and fear of oppression and slavery.

And there will come a day when i will have to take account of what I did with all this freedom and extravagance. I will be asked how I used these gifts to feed, show mercy, create reconciliation and blessing for others.

Was I outraged by the hurt around the globe?
Did I sleep through times of opportunities?
Was I silent when I should have spoken?"