Saturday, August 09, 2008

NWLC Notes: Day 3 (1 of 3)

NWLC General Session - Wednesday morning July 23, 2008 at 9:30am. Worship was led by Calvin Nowell, Drew Cline, and Nia Allen. They were awesome! The morning speaker was Bishop Joseph Garlington. I've heard much about Garlington, one of my favorite quotes is attributed to him, but never heard him speak in person. Amazing!

Garlington recounted the story of the angel coming to Mary in Luke. It was a message about the times when God speaks into our lives leading us to times in the "hallway of hell."

I have to to say that his presentation was unlike any message I have heard. As a very musical person himself, Garlington's entire message was "underscored" by a band - and primarily his keyboard player Clarence (props to his amazing skills). Here are some of my notes, but I am also posting the entire mp3 below:
  • Words create worlds. Nothing happens in God's Kingdom without a spoken word.
  • Heroes (leaders) are not born, they are cornered.
  • When God speaks to you, it always sounds so good in the presentation - but it's hell in the hallway.
  • When you say yes to God, He can take you anywhere.
  • Nothing shall be impossible with God - No word that comes from God shall be impossible for it's fulfillment.
  • When God tells you something, it will come to pass.
  • If you have a miracle in your life, don't talk to people who don't believe in miracles (listen to this in context).
  • Every word of God is tried ... in the hallway.
I'm serious, you've got to listen to this to get the full effect. Download the mp3 here or listen in the player below.