Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Spring Update

Well, here's a small update with some photos added in the e|Photo Gallery.

1) Andrik and I went out to the Trap Shoot event sponsored by the Outdoorsmen group at our church. It was my first time shooting a shotgun and Andrik's first time shooting a real gun (of course). We only did 25 shots total before we had to go. About halfway through our flight, Andrik got real frustrated and handed over the gun to me to finish it off. (There's a lot to remember reloading, keeping the safety on, and keeping the barrel down.) Anyway, I hit maybe two out of fifteen.

2) We had the Mission:Possible event at church. I was able to have dinner with Dan Sager and his family who have been serving in Moscow, Russia. He was our speaker that Sunday. It was a joy to meet him and spend some time talking about his experience (and eating ice cream)!

3) I mentioned that the kids and I went bike riding. I got a bike for myself at a yard sale for $10. It's not bad. You'll see some photos we took on our rides as well a small movie of Kellin riding.