Friday, April 20, 2007

YouTube Overload

I've come across several YouTube videos in the last few days that I just have to share. To embed them all in this post would be a YouTube overload here on the e|Something blog, so I'll post one and give you the links for all the others...
  • I posted before about "Where The H*** is Matt?" Here's a follow-up that is just as amazing called "Where The H*** Are Matt's Outtakes?" Find it here.
  • Although there are many, here is a touching slideshow honoring our troops overseas called "Remember Me." The video was created by a 15-year-old girl who (I would guess) has family serving over in Iraq. If you have anyone over there, this will bring a tear to your eye. (I also invite you to read the comments on this one. Notice how thoughtless people can be toward others just because of their politcal views.)
  • Here's another take on beatboxing. (Remember the beatboxing floutist?) This guy's knack is created with his video editing skills, but still pretty cool! Check it out here.
  • I came across this video. I really don't know this song, "Hallelujah," but I've heard it a few times underscoring some TV shows I watch. I don't really know the lyrics yet, but I love the music and the way the song goes. I'm always talking to our Praise Singers about how we need to do more than just sing the words, but communicate the heart of the song with all that we are. The vocalist really does a good job on this. (Also, if you can find me the name, original artist, or lyrics on this one - I'd be grateful.)
  • For the last link, enjoy this clip from MadTV. Watch about how the computer IT guy, Nick Burns, talks down to the other employees. As Eric Wright points out on his blog, this is a great analogy for us Christians and non-Christians. He writes "When it comes to the church and theology, I think most people just want to know how it works. They look at you with a blank face when you talk about predestination, millenialism, emergent, Arminian, or whatever theological boat you are floating in. They are interested in how to know God better and how to be a better person, and they want it in English."
Finally, check out this guy, Andy Mckee, on his guitar. Kaci, Katrina, and I were talking at our last rehearsal about how the chord fingering on "Your Glory" was a lot of movement back and forth. This guy makes me feel pretty silly. Watch how he uses his guitar. Maybe I don't get out much, but I think it's amazing! I could listen to him play all day long.