Monday, June 12, 2006

We're Still Here

I know, I know ... You've been wondering if we dropped off the face of the earth. Not really. We just been too busy. I am emphasizing the "too."

At church, we had DaVinci Code one week, Mother's Day the next, a continuation of DaVinci Code the next, Memorial Day the next, a building dedication the next, Mission Mania the next, and we're still looking at Father's day next Sunday. Not to mention VBS all this week. The conference in two weeks will certainly be a much needed refreshment.

Here's a list of some other things going on...
  • We got new cell phones. That's right, we now have flip phones. I stayed up all night inputting my phone numbers from my and Andrea's old phone. I guess the $10 charge at Verizon isn't that bad after all :-)
  • Our taxes turned out okay. We were really concerned about them with our first year as a "licensed" minister. The way our tax guy acted, we though they might be as much as $4K. Our guy didn't get our taxes done on time, didn't keep us updated, and finally called us to come in about four week late. When all was said and done, we owed about $400 to the state of Montana and got some back from the Fed.
  • School's out. "Mom, I'm bored." It's only been four days!
  • The kid's and I spent half-a-day putting together a new basketball hoop.
  • Got a weed-wacker. (Keep in mind that we've been here for almost two years without once "weed-wacking.) It takes us three charges of the battery to do the yard.
  • Had a four-family garage sale at our house yesterday (I bought an old computer).
  • Saw "Over the Hedge" and "Cars" at the theater.
  • Drove to Missoula twice and Great Falls once in the last three weeks.
  • Working on a friend's website - just launched a new design. If you're living in the Florida area and looking to send your kids to camp, this might be the one.

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