Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Night Before...

Well it's finally here! The night before we leave for California to attend the Purpose Driven Worship Conference & Festival at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church in Lake Forest California (see previous post here).

We will be leading worship Sunday morning and then we'll head South out of town. We've gathered around, laid hands on it, and prayed over the Grand Caravan. We prayed to bind the "spirits of wayward deer" :-) if you remember what happened at the start of our last trip. And besides, we're not superstitious - we really are counting on those new deer whistles we just installed on the bumper. (We actually did put some on - it can't hurt.) In all seriousness, we're just praying for a safe trip.

You can also pray for Grandma & Grandpa. They get to spend the first four days watching the kids by themselves while Andrea and I are at the conference (see photo to confirm need for prayer).

I can't confirm that I'll have time or access, but I would love to report to you on our experiences at the PDW conference. Keep looking in case I get a chance to post a blog or two. Bye 'till then.

**UPDATE: See all the PDW posts listed here...