Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fiesta! VBS at Hannaford

It was a long week, but it was pretty amazing. Fiesta! VBS was held at Hannaford Monday through Friday from 9:30am to noon each day. We rotated three different groups with around 200 kids through the sections: Sing & Play Olé, Grande Games, Maraca Munchies, Cactus Crafts, Hot Bible Adventures, Chadder's Desert Drive-In Theater, and the Fiesta Finale. Here are some highlights...
  • We had around 200 kids on our biggest day.
  • Part of Fiesta! this year was to raise $100 to send blankets to kids in Central America. We also took on a project to raise an additional $400 to help build a church (complete the roof) for a church in Kenya. We raised an amazing $850!
  • Andrik helped run PowerPoint (words & songs) for the Sing & Play Olé and Fiesta Finale.
  • I thought we could get someone to run sound other than me, but it didn't work out. Maybe next year.
  • Andrik got to bring his friend and his brother (Casey and Trevor) for four days.
  • Kellin & Andrik really liked it. Especially the songs.
  • Photos on the Hannaford site are here.
  • Photos of just the Powell kids are in the photo gallery here.