Saturday, March 15, 2008

What Happened To The Powells?

Hello everyone! We just wanted to drop a post to let you all know we're still around. We've been quite busy, sick for a while, and trying to play catch-up.
  • I just added the photos of Kellin's pirate-themed 8th birthday party from back in February.
  • I want to tell you more about what we have planned for Good Friday and Easter - I'm really excited. You can get a glimpse at Hannaford's Easter here.
  • I've been busy rehearsing for an upcoming conference on May 10. It is a joint effort of the Last Chance Men of Integrity and Promise Keepers. We're having local worship (I'm leading the team) and some national speakers.
  • We've also taking some good movies lately: 10,000 BC, Horton Hears A Who, and the rental We Are Marshall.
  • Our friends Gezer and Kaci introduced us to a pretty fun game called Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. We've been trying to play it as often as we can.
  • I'm also taking over as web designer and administrator for the Montana Family Foundation and their three websites. I guess I'll be learning a whole lot more of ASP and SQL.
  • We also need some intense prayer. Ministry is so difficult sometimes and we can use as much spiritual support as possible. :-)
I hope to be blogging more again in the future, but I am really overwhelmed with all that's going on. Drop a note if you want to stay in touch.