Sunday, October 07, 2007

Are You A Coward?

I was reading a post over on Perry Noble's blog and it really got me thinking. Click here to go read it now. Perry basically wrote about a one-minute conversation he had nearly 8 years ago...

On August 10, 1999 I was having lunch with a mentor at Red Lobster and discussing with him that I really felt God was stirring me to do something; however, I THOUGHT of an option or two and informed my buddy of my incredibly safe plans.

He looked at me as I was eating a cheese biscuit and asked, “What would you be willing to attempt for God if you knew you could not fail?”

Without hesitation I answered, “I would start a church!”

He replied, “You are a coward if you don’t!”

My thought is this: God has a purpose for your life. And more specifically, He has planted something in your heart, that you can do for Him right now. So the question is, "Why don't you do it?"

Actually, that's what I'm asking myself right now. I know that God desires something specific from me - He's placed big dreams in my heart and I am constantly battling with them ... 1) Because I'm not quite exactly sure what I am supposed to do, and 2) I must be afraid. But the truth is exactly like Perry says, God has planned for me to offer something to Him that cannot fail!

I am still searching for what that "something" is. What I do know is this ... I am tired of church politics. I am tired of "playing" church. I am tired of the status quo. I am tired of doctrine without life and heart. Quite honestly, our time here is much too short to waste any energy on these things.

What does that all mean? I'm not sure. But I do know that I am tired of being a coward.