Friday, August 03, 2007

Tearing Down The Wall

I alluded to this before, but this week we tore down the wall between our existing auditorium and our new Worship Center Expansion. I just wanted to share some of the excitement here...

PHOTO 1: Here's a photo of our auditorium a few years ago. It just gives a good idea of what the room and stage were like before we started the tear down.

PHOTO 2: On Monday during the day, we disassembled the stage. This included removing all the audio cabling from under the stage. Here you can see what was left. Later that evening, we cut through all the edges of the wall and then slowly lowered it with fork lifts.

PHOTO 3: This next photo shows the wall after it was down. See how much bigger the room is?

PHOTO 4: We also tore out all the carpet and other stuff. We dismantled the sound/video booth (all the equipment & cables) and set it all up in the fellowship room. No easy task - look at all those cables!

PHOTO 5: For the next four or five weeks we'll be meeting in our fellowship room for worship services. It's been a lot of work getting the room ready - late nights all week. Do you know how hard it is to find a 75-foot VGA cable in Helena ??!!

We've got a great video of the whole event - we're showing it Sunday. After that I'll post it online (see it here). Please also pray for us (and me, it's getting a bit overwhelming with all my responsibilities and it's taking a toll on Andrea & the kids).