Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Truth War? Whatever!

John MacArthur is busy again attacking Christians. This time, he is releasing a new book on the Emerging Church called The Truth War.

Although the book has not been released, it seems MacArthur is basing most of his "warnings" from a book by Chris Seay and a review of a book by Brian McLaren (even according to a MacArthur follower). As Dan Kimball points out, it would be nice if MacArthur would do a few more hours of research on the subject, if not days or months. Perhaps he could actually visit a few emerging churches...or maybe even one.

For the most part, the emerging church is responding, "Whatever. We're too busy helping people experience the life-changing power of Christ."

If you want to read a pretty good article, by someone actually familiar with the emerging church, check out this one.