Sunday, December 17, 2006

Final Entry for 2006?

We're capping off the blogging year with some new photos in the e|Photo Gallery.
  • First off, we've got a new featured photo (see right). It's a photo of the house exterior decorated for Christmas time.
  • We've got photos of the Children's Christmas Musical at church today. Both Andrik and Kellin were involved. Kellin had small solo and Andrik played a non-speaking role as Joseph.
  • There is also a collection of photos from September to December called Winter Potpourri 2006. These include Andrik's birthday, Halloween, and the kid's school Christmas programs. There are also a couple movies.
  • Finally, we will soon have part two of Andrea's trip to Minnesota (If it doesn't come up, check back again later). There are quite a few photos and they were all taken with the digital camera.
BTW, this may be our last real post before vacation and we don't plan on posting until we get back. Have a meaningful Christmas and a hopeful New Year!