Friday, October 27, 2006

Enough Complaining!

Okay, okay. Enough complaining! I'm sitting here listening to Andrea watch Beth Moore talk about breaking free from bondage. One of the things I am battling lately is the bondage of complaining and bitterness. I need to start focusing less on what others are doing to me and more on my response. Mike Pilivachi, a founder of the Soul Survivor movement, once said that we can either become bitter or become better. [Say it with a British accent and it sounds cooler.]

Truth be told, I've been doing quite a bit of introspection lately. I've been looking at my calling from God and the things that are holding me back from being and doing the things He intends for me. I'm also examining the changes I need to make to follow His plan for me more closely. You can pray for me on these issues.

With these things said, let me share with you some of the things I am excited about...
  • I am planning a weekly celebration of Advent through the four Sundays before Christmas. I know this is old hat for many of you, but this is something that our congregation is unfamiliar with. It is a exciting opportunity to capture the anticipation of "the birth of our Lord."
  • I am going through one-on-ones with our Praise Team right now. It's an opportunity to meet individually with all the Worship Ministry participants and share the challenges and successes of the last year and next.
  • The Lord is renewing some passion in my heart for teaching or worship. Please pray that I will be able to follow through in a way that has an impact.