Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ten Things The Church Can Learn From Disney

No longer living in SoCal, I recognize the excitement families feel in visiting one of the Disney theme parks. Tony Morgan and his wife just visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and in usual Tony fashion, he's posted 10 things he will remember about his visit to Disney.

I propose that these are also "10 things the church can learn from Disney." How can we apply these to our churches and the experience people have each week with God and each other? Let me know what you think with a comment...
  1. The experience begins in the parking lot.
  2. We will invest a lot of money to make dreams come true.
  3. It helps to have someone with you that’s been there before.
  4. The value of excellence transcends socioeconomic and cultural barriers.
  5. It’s hard to communicate with people wearing masks.
  6. The journey is more fun when you’re on it with friends.
  7. The world is small.
  8. Lots of people fulfilling the same mission can achieve great results.
  9. It’s possible to leave a legacy for future generations.
  10. We remember the fireworks at the end.