Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 Will Be A Year Of Change!

It seems like a simple and innocent word and yet we naturally cringe at the idea of "change." No matter what state our life is in, we prefer the comfort of the familiar to the unknown elements of change.

Regardless of what they say, people seldom change unless the pain of NOT CHANGING outweighs the perceived pain of embracing the unknown.

You may or may not agree, because experience shows that people LIKE hearing about change and they LIKE talking about change. It tickles their ears, and yet, they are SELDOM MOTIVATED to it. Oddly enough, we were created to change. Every living organism must grow in order to continue – and growth is change. If we stop growing, we cease to live.

I am pleased to look back on 2011 to see constant change and much growth in those with whom we've connected in the Helena community. As we closed the doors on the adventure called Encounter Church we saw the end of some opportunities, but now new possibilities are beginning to show. We've been calling this time of regrouping since August a "transitionary period" for the Powells, but we know that 2012 will most certainly be a year of change.

Having been "released from Montana" and our ministry here, we know 2012 will be the year God guides us to a new place we can call "home." As part of that new place, God will guide us to a vibrant, progressive, and missional ministry that values worship, community, and life discipleship. It is this hope that is fueling us for now.

Make no mistake, change has been difficult for us. The opportunities to thrive in Helena for Graphic Design professionals are limited, for an experienced Worship Professional and Church Planter are nonexistant, and I've found myself work my lowest pay since college. Our search for our new "home" has yielded many possibilities, but all the pieces are not yet falling into place. It's taken much longer than we anticipated.

And so here we are at the beginning of a new and wondrous year. While we know it is not true, we feel a bit abandoned by God. And yet, know that this transition is a time of change, a time of evaluation, and a time of growth. So for now, we kneel at the feet of an awesome God, awaiting His orchestration in our lives, knowing that 2012 will be a year of change!

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