Thursday, October 14, 2010

Awesome Encounter Grand Opening!

What an amazingly successful launch of the Encounter Church worship gatherings at our Grand Opening this last Sunday on 10-10-10!

We saw twice as many people as the three Sneak Peek Worship Gatherings we've been having since July. It was our largest attendance ever and I am super excited to follow up with those who indicated they want to know more about trusting in Jesus.

The musicians were some of the best in Helena and really did a great job bringing an edgy and slightly loud feel to the worship. The message was called "Ignite: A Burning Bush" and we talked about being a "Burning Bush" to those friends and neighbors around us helping them to encounter God.

We're very excited about what's God is doing through Encounter, and are looking forward to being a church that "ignites" Helena for years to come! The Grand Opening was really awesome thanks to the many people behind the scenes who helped make it a reality. If you missed it, we invite you to check out our next worship gathering.

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