Sunday, November 15, 2009

Untamed Truth: Our God Is A Creative God

There is a deep connection between the creativity we express as humans 
and the creativity of God.

Because our God is a creative God.

And as “image-bearers” of God, as people who are created in His image, we too possess in all of us the ability to be creative.

But here is the problem.

In ancient times people thought of creativity not as something that someone had, but as something someone received from God as inspiration. To allow the creative spirit of God move through you. But we've lost sight of the potential for creativity that God places within us. We've become tamed, we've become civilized, and we've settled for status quo.

But Jesus challenged the status quo. He took Old Testament concepts and unleashed them with New Testament truths. He said this is the way you have been taught, but I offer a better way — a way that leads to an abundant life.

The problem is that we have begun to think of creativity as something that we ourselves possess. We've begun to say that person IS creative, rather than seeing creativity as a gift that flows through us as a vessel or conduit.

And it's unfortunate that we have done the same with our spiritual lives.

We look at good and Godly attributes and we begin to think of them as something we can possess. As something we can create in our personalities, rather than a gift of God that flows through us, as we are surrendered to His Spirit. We have selfishly begun to rely on our own will power to muster up these attributes. We rely in our own ability and we become prideful.

We can't do it on our own.

True creativity, true love, true relationships, and true freedom come through God's working in our life. It comes as we surrender to Jesus and allow His Spirit to create something new in our life — to make a new creation. So if you feel tamed, if you feel caged, if you feel like you've been chained by life as we know it — it's time to stop relying on yourself.

Remember that our God is a creative God.

Jesus specializes in creatively bringing new life from brokenness and helplessness. So lift up your hands and let him unchain you from the things in life you so desperately want to escape. Experience His creativity as He forms you anew from the inside out.

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