Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Conversations With This Generation

We've had some connections with this generation in the past few weeks. In our conversations, they've expressed excitement at what God is doing with Encounter.

They're concerned about their friends who won't go to a church because they don't fit in or feel that the atmosphere is cold and judgmental.

They want a church in Helena that won't judge them by what they wear, how they look, and what their past is like - no matter how many piercings or tattoos they may have.

They're praying for a church for "all those people who don't want the dried out version of Christianity or don't feel comfortable with most other churches."

Our strategy at Encounter is derived from Jesus' call for us to love God and love others — and so we intend to encourage and equip people to pursue three vital relationships: to ENCOUNTER GOD (to love God), to EXPERIENCE COMMUNITY (to love fellow believers), and to ENGAGE CULTURE (to love others).

As we continue to meet with people and share the vision of our new church plant Encounter, our challenge is to ask those with a heart for the disconnected to join us in creating the culture of our faith community. A few people with a vision is great. But many people with the same vision who are making it happen becomes a church.

If you really want to see Encounter become a reality, we challenge you to step up and help make it happen. Contact us to find out more.

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