Sunday, October 19, 2008

Long Time, No Blog Post

Hey everyone! It has been difficult to post, but I thought I'd check in and give you some updates with what has been going on personally and on the church-planting front.

First, we could use your prayers for Andrea's grandmother, Mabel. Having recently found out she has cancer, she was being prepped for surgery and there were complications with the anesthesia causing vessels to burst in her lung. Since that time, she has developed not one, but two serious infections: one airborne and one in her blood. All things considered, it is not looking good.

Andrea left early this week to drive down to Escondido (San Diego, California area) to help where she can. That also means things have been pretty busy for me as Mr. Mom here around the house. So we ask you to be in prayer for all of us. Thanks.

Of course, we had the 2008 Hannaford Fall Conference at the end of September. A lot of time an effort goes into that each year - this year was no exception. I can tell you that the worship was off the hook! Especially the second night.

If you want to find out more, check out the conference webpage here and the resources webpage here. You'll also find notes and an audio file for my workshop, Worship That Makes An Impact.

If you want to get regular updates regarding our new church planting efforts, I suggest you visit our Encounter Helena blog and subscribe there. For now, I just posted a couple updates on our progress: Potential Sponsorship and Next Steps.

I'm also struggling with how often to post here and there and where to post when. In other words, I think I may be pontificating over at the other blog more and give basic updates here. That's just another good reason to subscribe over there, too.