Sunday, June 29, 2008

La-La-La-La-Live Out Loud!

While I certainly don't feel as smart or wise as I am old, it's been a great day to turn 39! I woke this morning to Steven Curtis Chapman's song "Live Out Loud." What a fitting theme for my place in life right now.

I've been realizing that we certainly worship a God of second chances. That in my life, many things are just getting started and I feel as though He's given me new opportunity in many areas. I've recently lost 45 pounds and am still loosing.

Andrik and I have recently committed to a Father-Son Covenant for mentoring and to keep the lines of communication open. I've recently been reminded of how many friendships we've built over the years. Finally, I know that God has some amazing things for me in ministry on the horizon. I can't wait!

I can tell you, I do feel a distinct calling to live out loud. That in walking closer with Christ, He's allowing my life to reflect more of Him. La-la-la-la Live Out Loud!