Sunday, November 12, 2006

Piraka! Piraka! Piraka! Piraka!

Andrik (my son, 12 yrs. old) has discovered songwriting. He's really excited about the 7 songs he's written lyrics for so far, but we recently worked together to help him "produce" his first recording. This one, called Piraka, is about the bad guys in the world of Lego Bionicle. If you want to know what a Piraka is, he's holding one in the photo (click it to enlarge).

Anyway, I used my talents and equipment to help put a techno soundtrack to the melody and words he came up with. He even came up with the bass line! Click the link below to listen (you must have an mp3 plugin like quicktime.)

Piraka (mp3 - 2.4mb)

***UPDATE 02-2007: Check out the Piraka music video here***