Sunday, September 17, 2006


Just a quick note to let you know we're still here. The 2006 Hannaford Fall Conference is next weekend and we're wrapping up a lot of loose ends. Basically, I'm swamped. I pray that my "swamped-ness" somehow translates into lives impacted. Some quick notes:
  • Got two grade progress reports for Andrik. They send them every two weeks in email - How cool is that??!! A in English, A+ in Computer Apps.
  • Shooting a video for church. Bad timing with the Conference and all. I'm hoping it turns out well.
  • I have two extra Orders of Worship to plan this week in addition to the regular Sunday service. I also have a program, name tags and a number of other misc projects for the conference.
  • Andrea's been working hard trying to decorate Pastor Dick's office (painting, finding furniture, hunting in thrift stores).
  • Kellin's been getting in trouble at school. It's only two weeks in!!! Oy!
  • It got really cold, really fast. It was in the 80's one day and then dropped to the 40's. We just got our first snow this fall (in the mountians).
  • Worship was especially energized for me this morning. I needed that. I pray that is was pleasing to Him.