Friday, August 04, 2006

Short, But Profound Story

I really don't know Richard Foster and his material very well. Some of his books were on the reading list when I was getting my M.A. at Hope International, but I only ended up reading one.

Anyway, I came across an excerpt from an article with him and Henri Nouwen from Christianity Today. This is a short, but amazing story...

Back in my earlier years of coming to God, I was very intense. I once spent three days fasting and praying. After doing so, I felt an urging to call a man I had confidence in for his spiritual guidance. He lived quite a distance, but I called and asked him if he would come and pray for me. He came, and I was all ready to place myself before him and let him minister to me. Instead, he sat down in front of me and started confessing his sins. I thought, I'm supposed to do that to you. After he finished, and I had prayed forgiveness for him, he said, "Now, do you still want me to pray for you?" (read the whole interview here)

It would do us good to remember that we are all equal at the foot of the cross.