Saturday, July 15, 2006

Time For A Garage Sale!

Okay, okay. I admit it. I actually shared that last post about serving the community just to provide background for this one. You see, I was captivated by Pastor Dave's vision (see here) for serving the community. For me, it was one of those "duh!" moments.

The problem, of course, is figuring out a way to serve that is authentic and specific to your community. While I have been continuing to think about it, I received a postcard in the mail from another local church. Oh my gosh, they figured it out!

East Valley Foursquare Church
here in Helena is having a community garage sale. They are inviting individuals in the community to come and use their church parking lot - for free. Anyone can sell their own stuff. East Valley is doing all the advertising. They are providing the space. AND they are providing a free BBQ after the sale.

If you are not getting it, yet. Garage sales are so BIG here in Helena - we have a "garage sale season." (Remember, we're multi-season around here, so once Spring rolls around the garage sales are on!) Even entire neighborhoods have garage sales at one time to bring people in.

Perhaps we could use the comments for this post to come up with sopme other great ideas to serve our communities. Please post an idea.

Finally, I say "Good Job" East Valley. You nailed it. And thank you for loving our community.