Saturday, August 20, 2005

Powell Summer Update

We've got the whole summer to catch you up on, so here goes. Be sure to check out the new Summer Photo Gallery we just added in the ePhotos gallery.

Well, at the church we had VBS and Drama Camp. Those photos can be seen in the Hannaford Photo Gallery. However, we do have a special gallery in e|Photos that only has VBS photos with Kellin and Andrik. Yes, it's a bit self-serving, but hey!

You'll also notice that the new Hannaford Street Bible Church website is up and running. Check it out and let me know what you think. While you are at the Hannaford Photo Gallery looking at the VBS photos, make sure you check the latest construction photos of our new auditorium.

As you probably know, we came down to California to visit in early July. You may have also heard that we hit a deer on our way out of town. Unfortunately, the van was damaged so we had to return home and drive the Corolla. Several had asked about the damage so check out our featured photo. (That brings up another point. It's obvious we can't put up a photo each week. And I felt pretty silly calling it a photo of the week, so I finally decided to change the name to "featured photo.")

I'm pretty sure that Andrea mentioned our large grassy yard when we visited. The difficulty being the "large" part. Ever since it thawed here last Spring, the grass has been growing out of control and is very difficult to mow (we're saving up for a ride-on mower). When we visited California, we thought we'd try not watering the yard for two weeks, but it didn't help much. Anyway, there is a photo of Andrea battling the yard in the Summer Photo Gallery.

I know it's been hot in California, but it's been pretty hot for Montana, too! The average is in the 80s for this time of year, but we've been sustaining the 90s for a few weeks. Every once in a while a thunder storm comes in for a few afternoon hours and drastically cools things off. One day it was in the high 90s and the next day was in the mid 60s. Andrea and I were commenting how, in California, we used to call that kind of weather "earthquake weather." Surprisingly enough, we DID have an earthquake here the next day. Hmm...

We also got a dog before we left for California. It was kind of odd getting a dog, and then leaving it with friends just a week after we brought him home. Anyway, his name is Shadow and he is about 11 months old now. Since he is a puppy, we are still having problems with digging and chewing, but we're working on it. He's obviously been hurt before we got him, because he is quite skittish when someone even raises their voice. There are a couple of photos of Shadow in the Summer Photo Gallery.

I think I mentioned that Andrea has been playing softball this Summer on our quasi-church team (the team is sponsored by Dairy Queen and about half of the ladies are from the church). Well, as the season has come to a close, the team did quite well. Check out the photos in the Summer Photo Gallery for photos of Andrea in action and also to find out how well the team did.

The kids have also just finished swimming lessons this Summer. They're not great swimmers yet, but maybe Don won't have to jump in any pools after Andrik anymore. Actually the kids really improved and are much more comfortable in the water now. They also made the evening news here when the local NBC affiliate was shooting a story at the city pool. We will soon be posting some photos (and maybe a couple movies) of the kids' swimming lessons.