Monday, April 25, 2005

Slower-Paced Lifestyle?

Someone said we have a slower-paced lifestyle up here in Montana. In reality, it is true. No two-hour-long drives to work. Leave for work at 8:30. Get home at 5:00. Go home for lunch. All that lost time is regained - I really enjoy that.

But then there are some weeks that are really hectic. I've mentioned those weeks before Easter about three times now. And then there is that November-December period before the Christmas Dessert. Even when I was expecting things to slow down after Easter, we had a Women's Retreat (I had to help Andrea get together all the music). This week alone we have:
  • Brochures that need to be finished for this fall's 9th annual Pastor's Conference
  • This year's AWANA Award Night
  • A Maximum Impact simulcast outreach to business people in the area,
  • A wedding
  • Mission Mania missions conference
Well, needless to say, I really am enjoying the slower-paced lifestyle :-)